Central European and Balkan Studies

About CE&BS

The degree program Central European and Balkan Studies is an innovative combination of philological studies with practical knowledge and skills necessary in contemporary business and cultural tourism field. Innovation concept is based on the combination of competencies and skills in studies of Central Europe with Balkan, and on a targeting it on the practical dimension of literary and intercultural communication necessary to build internal and external information cycle flow in business and tourism industry. In addition, CE&BS provides preparation for the philologist profession preparation in the field of knowledge and competence oriented on the aspect of language, literature and cultural communication.
Central European and Balkan Studies consist of three basic educational modules: Polonical, Slavonic and classical philology. They form the basis of studies supplemented by subject modules in the field of intercultural communication in tourism and business. Due to this graduates will be able to apply for employment in various cultural institutions: museums, cultural centers, publishing houses, theaters, etc.; media sector: radio and television, social networking services, information portals, etc.; the field of advertising and marketing as well as tourism services: travel agencies, airlines, hotels and tourist information centers.


First Year

  • Contemporary Foreign Language – Polish
  • Contemporary Foreign Language – Czech, Serbian, Croatian, Bulgarian
  • Practical module: Communication in the Cross-Cultural Tourism
  • Introduction to Central European and Balkan Studies
  • The Canon of Balkan Literature – selected problems
  • European Ancient Culture – selected problems
  • The Canon of Central European Literature
  • European Ancient Literature – selected problem
  • English for Teaching and Academic Purposes – basic
  • Physical Education

Second Year

  • Contemporary Foreign Language – Polish, Czech, Serbian, Croatian, Bulgarian
  • Polish Literature in the European Context
  • Cultural and Literary Traditions of Central Europe
  • Masterpieces of Ancient Literature – selected problems
  • Ancient Popular Topoi and Motifs in Culture and Literature  
  • English for Teaching and Academic Purposes
  • Optional Courses

Third Year

  • Contemporary Foreign Language – Polish, Czech, Serbian, Croatian, Bulgarian
  • Masterpieces of Polish Literature
  • Cultural and Literary Traditions of Balkans
  • Practical module: Cross-Cultural Business Communications
  • Bestsellers of the Contemporary Polish Literature
  • Optional Courses
  • BA
  • Practices

Composition of the the program curriculum council of CE&BS

Chairman of the Program Council:

prof. UAM dr hab. Konrad Dominas

  • prof. UAM dr hab. Anna Śliwińska
  • prof. UAM dr hab. Anna Gawarecka
  • prof. dr hab. Aleksander W. Mikołajczak
  • prof. UAM dr hab. Rafał Dymczyk
  • prof. UAM dr hab. Radosław Piętka
  • prof. UAM dr hab. Marcin Telicki
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